A few people don’t care to bound themselves inside a religion; they want to investigate the World, love to investigate themselves. Our team was fortunate enough to had a chance to be a piece of that sort of investigating wedding. There was truly something other than what’s expected. It was a Royal and Traditional wedding.

Before observe on Parthesh and Nilam’s wedding pictures please disregard what sort of bowing should be possible among religion. Here the prep has a place from Kolkata and he is from a Traditional Marwari family and the lady of the hour was from the greenly Kerala, the core of South, additionally a Traditional South Indian family.

From this concrete World, we had an opportunity to feel town air in this Rajbari. This royal residence has been changed into a legacy inn now. The to start with motions of this wedding was uniqueness, originated from two sparkling and I should state we were going to second time marriage with the same cherishing hearts, we tie their life for next seven re-birth as dismal in our Indian Mythology.

We as a whole know Bengali’s are much enthusiastic and expressive like Kolkata and this characteristics coordinate with the lady psychology. That is the reason all the excellent women wear the red and white Traditional Bengali Sari named ‘Gorod’ and every one of the men wear conventional South Indian Costume.

The groom of the hour was with Traditional Bengali blue shaded Punjabi with conventional Bengali ‘Topor’ and the bride of the hour was with Traditional pink South Indian sari with Traditional Bengali ‘Mukut’