According to Indian Tradition and Mythology wedding is a heavenly bound. We genuinely got a couple who were extremely hip and blissful name ‘Rajan’ and ‘Ritika’. It resembles the lost young lady discovered her ideal man – ” Love discovers you in Charm”

It was a destination wedding and we’d an incredible time to be as one with them. As marriage is important and blessed relationship, with the destination that they
chosen to get it going in Mathura. Mathura is a city in the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. This is the origin of Lord Krishna. ‘Sanjhee’ is the beautiful specialty of enlivening the ground with blossoms. Holi festivity is exceptionally well known here. As we shaded us with different shading in Holi , like that Rajan painted Ritika’s existence with affection in this bright place through Traditional Indian Wedding.